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Our Services

What we offer


Our firm covers the areas of work that allows us to provide a cross-sectional and necessary service for our clients, who are related to the state, competitors, consumers and third parties. The areas of work in NEXO LEGAL are the following:

Market regulation and innovation

We advise natural and legal persons who act as economic agents in the market, so that their behavior meets the legal requirements imposed by the State. We also collaborate in the protection of creations and innovation.

The services we offer are the following:

  • Unfair competition
  • Consumer
  • Bureaucratic barriers
  • Procedures and Administrative procedures
  • Intellectual property
  • Training and orientation to Startups
  • Planning for the efficient protection of creation

International trade and customs

We provide specialized advice for individuals and legal entities that have an interest in developing international transactions. This way, we allow these transactions to be carried out efficiently and without legal or operational contingencies.

The services we provide are the following:

  • International Contracting
  • Customs management
  • Procedures and advice on dumping and subsidies
  • Procedure of non-tariff trade barriers

Corporate and commercial law

We are an ally of our clients, so that they develop their economic activity without worries to legal sanctions.

The services we provide are the following:

  • Tax planning
  • Labor planning
  • Defense in labor and tax processes
  • Specialized labor counseling
  • Preparation of labor contracts for non – domiciled
  • Hiring planning and reduction of labor costs
  • Creation and constitution of companies
  • Registration of corporate agreements

Litigation and conciliation

Our firm is deeply committed to meet the needs of every single person who has conflicts of legal-family or civil nature, as we know those is the most complex to solve.

The services we provide are the following:

  • Conciliation
  • Family
  • Hereditary Succession
  • Contracts in general

Criminal litigation

We become your advisor and ideal defender to solve these legal conflicts involving crimes, felonies and faults.

The services we provide are the following:

  • Economics crimes


We offer a complete annual service package, that is paid monthly, which goal is to be an investment -and not an expense- for your company. We have thought of an ideal service that will help us become an ally of our customers in order to achieve their goals.

To adjust to your needs, we offer you three packages: entrepreneur, executive and corporate. The monthly fee of those oscillates between S/ 850 and S/ 1450.


Additionally, we provide the In-House training service to companies, so that the staff of your company is up to date with the legal norms and understands the importance of complying with them during the development of its work in the corporation.

If you have any legal question or need advice CONTACT US